What is Paleo? (New Video Release)


Here is a new video that is finally completed. I put a lot more work into this one than my other Health Fixer quickies. Let me know what you think. Please feel free to share or use on your own sites. I only ask that you please use my byline.



Dr. Doug Willen, NYC Chiropractor and Clinical Nutritionist. For more info: http://Dougwillen.com


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  1. My issue with paleo is as an athlete, and a trainer of professional athletes, I can’t keep my weight or strength up. I lose too much weight and strength without adding starch. Any ideas? I love the idea of strict paleo diet if I would drop so much weight and strength.

  2. bev whitaker says:

    Wow, amazing a great eye opener. I will definetly give this a try.
    Thank You

  3. Matthew says:

    Consider adding more dietary fat to your diet – coconut, avocado, olives; and cook in rendered animal fat. Additionally, don’t forget that you can also eat carbohydrate (starch) dense root and tuberous vegetables on a paleo diet, especially post-workout. These two things should help keep the weight up.

  4. drdoug18 says:

    Good answer Matthew.

  5. Pat Hoge says:

    Great video Doug! I have been following whatI call a highly influenced paleo way of eating since the first of the year and see positive changes in body and mind. Looking forward to the upcoming book.

  6. drdoug18 says:

    Thanks Pat, I’m glad the eating style is working for you already. I will give you heads up when the book is ready.


  8. Aaron says:

    Thanks for the video! I put it on my CrossFit gym’s nutrition page here: http://crossfitdominion.com/?page_id=142

  9. Donna says:

    I picked up your book ‘Quantum Paleo’ when it was offered free on Amazon for Kindle. A friend recommended it because you said some humorous things. :) For over a year, I had been thinking that I needed to change my dietary habits. When I finished the book, I knew this was for me and my husband joined in too.
    Now, neither me nor my husband are considered overweight, but our cholesterol is high and his sugar has been elevated on his last 2 physicals. I am about 10 or so pounds over what I would like to be. My mantra has always been everything in moderation. But it obvious has not worked for me for the long run.

    We did 21 days of paleo according to your plan. We have lost about 5 pounds each. I have so much more energy and the very best part is that we are not craving the foods we left behind. I am not hungry either.

    Yay Paleo!

    • drdoug18 says:

      Hi Donna,
      Thanks for such a nice comment. My whole focus when I work with patients is to get them healthy first. It sounds like you both are on the road to making some great changes.
      I am still on the path of working on my health, my lab numbers etc.
      It all takes a lot of time.
      Do you both do a lot of fish oils? This may help your Cholesterol further. I would be curious to see how your other lab results are. What is the numbers on your Cholesterol, Triglycerides, LDL, HDL, did you every get hemoglobin A1C? It tests for blood/glucose levels over a 3 month average.

      Thanks again for sharing.

      Dr. Doug

  10. Shirley says:

    Great video Doug.
    To John, eat lots of avocadoes, flax crackers ( which you can make in a dehydrator) and make muffins and cookies with nut flours and butters. How much oil do you take in.. Olive, grapeseed, hemp, flax. Put lots in your veggie shakes

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